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Surviving Peak Freight: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies

With freight rates at all time high and reliability at an all time low, ocean freight may soon no longer economically viable for some shippers. So what can shippers do?

Lars Jensen is an experienced ocean freight analyst who advises global businesses on freight strategy and efficiency. Join us for a live conversation as we untangle the complex factors driving disruption and look for a way through.

We discuss:

  • What we can learn from the current ‘perfect storm’ of rates
  • How to plan for costs in a volatile market
  • Scenario planning for different lengths of disruption
  • Strategies to manage spend at scale

On-Demand Webinar

Hosted by


Lars Jensen

CEO & Founder, Vespucci Maritime


45 min

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2021 has been an unprecedented year for ocean freight disruption, with every week bringing a new ‘black swan’ event.

With a choice between stocking out or making a loss on transport, what can shippers do? In this new era of permanent peak, it's essential to use your data strategically to plan, protect and work proactively.