The disruption caused by this global pandemic has changed our supply chains permanently: what will the new normal look like?

Join our expert panel as they explain the new social and commercial environment for retailers. Get ahead and discover how your business can use the transition period to build long term value for your team, your customers and your bottom line.

Our webinar will cover:

  • Long term business and social trends that will impact your business
  • How brands need to balance resilience and price in their procurement
  • How businesses are using the e-commerce acceleration to drive new opportunities
  • How to embrace automation to boost productivity growth as we emerge from the crisis

Mick Jones, Strategic Supply Chain Advisor, Zencargo
- Former VP Global Logistics, Lenovo

Jon Bumstead, Supply Chain Correspondent, New Statesman
- Director, Nisomar 

Mark Parsons, Director, Chainview Consulting
- Former Chief Customer Officer, DHL