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Move as fast as the market: Agile supply chain in action

The logistics market is highly volatile, with capacity, rates and schedules changing on a daily basis. Changes at one point in your supply chain risk significant knock-on consequences further down. Amidst these constant changes, having a bird’s eye view of your supply chain is vital to stay ahead and update future plans.

Join us on our product webinar as we show you how businesses like, The Hut Group, Farfetch and many more have aligned each stage of their inbound logistics flow with live data, for better planning and control, mitigating risks, optimising freight buying and maximising sales opportunities.

Who should register?

Supply chain and logistics leaders are looking to gain better control and visibility over the movement of their goods, and use data to make better decisions for their business.

Wednesday 15th September, 2 pm BST

Hosted by


James Fry

Head of Supply Chain Development, Zencargo


30 min

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You will learn:

  • How businesses have used the Zencargo platform to gain unrivaled control over their supply chain, allowing for better response to shocks like Yantian and Suez
  • How you can connect multiple data sources to get a holistic vision of your supply chain
  • How to make manual tracking a thing of the past, and enable teams with live data to align supply, demand, and warehousing