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Guarding profitability through disruption: the retailers guide

Retailers have experienced significant changes in both supply and demand over the past year. From market volatility impacting levels of reliability, service and cost to a transformation in consumer behaviour, many can agree that their margins have been impacted to some extent.

Some of these changes will ebb away with the pandemic, but many will now be the new normal. How can retailers prepare themselves for what’s next?

Watch our webinar with Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson and Zencargo CCO Richard Fattal, to learn more about these changes from end to end, and what you can do to adapt your supply chain.


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Louisa Hosegood

Digital and Strategy Director, Bis Henderson

Richard Fattal

CCO, Zencargo


45 min

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Louisa and Richard discuss:

  • The commercial environment of 2021 and how it compares with recent years
  • How to manage customer expectations through uncertainty
  • Calculating landed costs of goods in a volatile environment
  • Updating planning and execution strategies to maximise flexibility and profit